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calendar_today 12/1/2023

Application for sports betting licenses now available

Parties interested in applying for sports betting licenses can now begin their applications. Application request forms are located on the Licensing webpage along with sample applications forms. After submitting a request, interested parties will get a unique “live” link by email. Applications can be started for an interactive sports wagering operator license, a service provider license, and a sports wagering supplier license. Interested parties also can review FAQs on application and licensing at the Frequently Asked Questions webpage and submit a question on applications and licensing using the Have A Sports Wagering License Question? webform.

calendar_today 11/29/2023

North Carolina State Lottery Commission approved applications for sports betting licensure

The North Carolina State Lottery Commission approved applications for sports betting licensure, taking a major step forward in the licensing of sports betting operators. The approval allows for the commission to begin accepting applications for interactive sports wagering operators as well as the associated sports betting suppliers and providers. Staff has forecast that updates will be posted online in coming days and emails issued to parties that registered and requested updates. Click on this link to see a progress report from the commission.

calendar_today 11/16/2023

First set of sports wagering rules approved

During a public meeting on Thursday, Nov. 16, the North Carolina State Lottery Commission approved the first set of rules governing sports wagering. The new rules go into effect Jan. 8, 2024. The rules are posted here.

calendar_today 11/16/2023

Sports wagering catalog wins approval

The Sports Catalog that lists all approved sporting events and wagers in North Carolina received the approval of the North Carolina State Lottery Commission on Nov. 16. It also lists all approved leagues and their governing bodies as well as the governing body’s website. No sports betting is authorized yet, but the catalog lists the possible offerings that will be presented by future licensed operators. The Sports Catalog is posted on the Events & Wagering web page here.

calendar_today 11/13/2023

New website launches to assist in rulemaking and licensing

The North Carolina State Lottery Commission launched on Nov. 13, a new website,, that will support its work with rulemaking and licensing for sports betting and horse race wagering.