Events and Wagering

Sports Wagers

The following wagers are approved for all licensed Interactive Sports Wagering Operators.

Exchange Wagering

  • A form of wagering in which two or more Persons place identically opposing wagers in a given market, allowing Players to wager on both winning and non-winning outcomes in the same event.

In-Game Wagering

  • Placing a Sports Wager during a sporting event which is not an in-play wager.

In-Play Wagers

  • Proposition Wagers placed on a specific action during the sporting event which could not be wagered on prior to the start of the sporting event.


  • Sports Wagers placed on the winner of a sporting event.


  • Sports Wagers on the total of approved numerical aspects of one or more sporting events.


  • Sports Wagers that combine two or more individual wagers and are dependent on all individual wagers winning.


  • An offering where Players may make selections of outcomes on a set number of sporting events and Wager type on a Card to enter for a chance to win the Prize Pool or a portion thereof.

Proposition Wagers

  • Sports Wagers placed on the occurrence or non-occurrence of a specific outcome of events within a sporting event not directly involving the sporting event’s final outcome.

Single-game wagers

  • One or more Sports Wagers which take place on or within a single sporting event.

Straight Wagers

  • Sports Wagers placed on a sporting event’s final outcome prior to its start that will be determined by an over-under, point spread, moneyline or total score.

Teaser Wagers

  • Parlays where the player adjusts the point spread or over-unders resulting in a change of payout.

Operators will not be allowed to offer any of the following:

  • Sports wagering involving youth sports.
  • Sports wagering on any of the following:
    • The occurrence of injuries.
    • The occurrence of penalties.
    • The outcome of disciplinary proceedings against a participant in a sporting event.
    • The outcome of replay reviews.

Authorized Sports Wagering Events and Wagers for North Carolina

For the most current updated catalog of events please click the link below.

Petition for a new event or wager

An individual may request approval of additional events and wagers that are not included in the current catalog by using the Petition of New Events or Wagers Form. Each petition for a new event or wager must be sponsored by a licensed Sports Wagering Operator. All completed forms and any attachments should be emailed to