What you need to know

The North Carolina State Lottery Commission is responsible for adopting the rules that govern sports wagering and horse race wagering in North Carolina. The rules ensure that sports wagering and horse racing wager are done fairly and responsibly in North Carolina.

Commission Rulemaking

The Commission has adopted a Rules Manual for Sports Wagering and Pari-Mutuel Wagering. The Rules contained therein become effective January 8, 2024. A working copy subject to technical corrections and further refinement by Commission staff is available at this link. A codified version of these Rules Manual is forthcoming.

Anyone wishing to view or download a copy can do so by clicking its name.

CMP Change Management Program Guide
GLI-33 – Event Wagering Systems v1.1
GLI-20 Kiosks v2.0

Rulemaking Policy & Procedures

The Commission adopted a rulemaking policy in September 2023, to establish a transparent, deliberative rulemaking process for implementing Articles 9 and 10 of the Act. Taking into consideration the evolving nature of authorized gaming and wagering in North Carolina, the Rulemaking Policy and Procedure provides the Commission flexibility to act in a timely manner to serve the public interest, while including provisions that ensure the general public and all stakeholders have an opportunity to be heard through public comment. The Commission’s Rulemaking Policy and Procedure can be found at this link.

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Sports Wagering Law

On June 8, 2023, the N.C. General Assembly passed Session Law 2023-42 (H347), “An Act to Authorize and Regulate Wagering on Professional, College, and Amateur Sports and on Horse Racing in North Carolina, and to Authorize Live Horse Racing in North Carolina,” and the governor signed it into law on June 14, 2023. This new law establishes the North Carolina State Lottery Commission as the state’s licensing body and regulator for authorized wagering on sports and horse racing and empowered the Commission to adopt rules necessary to carry out the provisions of G.S. Chapter 18C.

The N.C. General Assembly made changes to this new law in the recently passed budget, Session Law 2023-134 (H259), “An Act to Make Base Budget Appropriations for Current Operations of State Agencies, Departments, and Institutions.” See “Sports Wagering Technical Considerations,” beginning on page 355 at Section 11.18.


What you need to know

The North Carolina State Lottery Commission is responsible for ensuring all entities engaged in sports wagering or horse race wagering comply with state law and regulations governing those activities. Compliance with regulations instills public confidence in sports wagering and horse race wagering and helps to ensure that all activities are done fairly and ethically.