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calendar_today 2/21/2024

Commission approves Voluntary Self-Exclusion Program

At a meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 21, the North Carolina State Lottery Commission approved a Voluntary Self-Exclusion Program for sports wagering and pari-mutuel wagering on horse racing. The program allows individuals to voluntary exclude themselves from sports wagering and pari-mutuel wagering for one, three, five years or a lifetime. Players wishing to voluntarily self-exclude for shorter periods of time may do so with each individual operator. Learn more about the program and how to enroll here.

calendar_today 2/9/2024

First provisional licenses issued for seven suppliers

The North Carolina State Lottery Commission has issued provisional licenses to seven sports wagering suppliers. The licensees are the first issued in advance of the March 11 date for the start of sports wagering in North Carolina. The provisional licenses are good for 180 days. As licenses are approved, they will be listed in the Licensing webpage here.

calendar_today 1/24/2024

Licensed operators can begin registering players on March 1

Under Sports Wagering Authorization approved Wednesday, licensed interactive sports wagering operators who hold Certificates of Compliance can begin registering players, creating interactive accounts and accepting deposits at noon on Friday, March 1.

calendar_today 1/24/2024

Start date for sports wagering set for noon, March 11

At a meeting Wednesday, the North Carolina State Lottery Commission set Monday, March 11, as the day that legal sports wagering can begin in North Carolina. The date is part of a Sports Wagering Authorization approved by the Commission. Read the Authorization here. No sports wagers will be lawful in North Carolina until noon on Monday, March 11.

calendar_today 1/10/2024

Commission asks prospective operators to submit internal controls by Jan. 26

At a meeting Wednesday, the North Carolina State Lottery Commission identified Jan. 26 as a key deadline for applicants for interactive sports wagering licenses to submit their proposed internal controls for review. By meeting the deadline, an operator-applicant helps ensure it is ready to offer sports wagering on the first day. No date for the first day of sports betting has been set. To move forward with sports betting as soon as possible, the commission is encouraging operator-applicants to submit internal controls while their applications are under review.